Thursday, 19 July 2012

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The following links will give detail about them, especially the report to the AG below…..
Here are some helpful links:

The following was the announcement that the former government was going to make changes to the law.  This government never got to do this and then the present government has decided not to make such changes

the two cases you are looking for are looked in the following report below. In this report the expert committee recommend further changes. I don’t think this even goes far enough but it shows the problems and expounds the two cases I refer to…

the high court of Australia expounded on the homosexual advance in this precedent case, and the problems with this archaic defence are ably summed up by the dissenting opinion of Justice Kirby…

In the Australian state of Victoria the legislature has removed the defence of provocation entirely because of concerns such as the ones we have been raising… and they put in a special section to cover family violence:  the following documents show that many of the arguments raised by the Queensland government are disingenuous because the Victorian reforms have dealt with them rather effectively.

one problem in Queensland is that we have mandatory life sentence for Murder convictions and the Victorian law does not but it still deals with many of the same issues and comes up with solid solutions. Also, we submit that this does not justify a defence that basically allows for people to lose it and lash out.  The only acceptable defence for homicide is self defence, not provocation.

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